Undergoing Teeth Extractions for Braces

Sometimes getting braces isn’t the very first step in your orthodontic treatment. It is possible that during your discussion at your orthodontic center, your orthodontist will recommend you to have specific teeth extracted before they might properly take care of you with braces. It may seem to be scary to have your permanent teeth pulled; however, tooth extraction may also be essential for successful braces treatment. There are some cases where tooth extraction is essential before braces treatment:

•    Overcrowding- when there is significant crowding of teeth, extraction may be necessary to make space for proper alignment of the teeth. This is the most frequent reason behind extraction and is normally done in 2s or 4s (taking the same teeth from underneath as the very best) to keep your smile symmetrical.

•    Protrusion- when the top teeth stick out too much or the bottom teeth usually do not extend far enough ahead, tooth extraction can make the necessary space to move the front tooth backwards in the mouth area and prevent the lips and tooth from sticking out.

•    Overbite/under bite – when the upper jaw extends much beyond the lower jaw (overbite) or the lower jaw extends beyond the upper jaw (under bite), extracting selected teeth and using braces to move the remaining tooth and compensate for the jaw misalignment is a superb option to using surgery to rectify the problem.

Your orthodontic specialist will not perform the extraction; usually they will refer you to an oral surgeon who’ll perform the extraction at relatively low pain and hassle for you. It’s true that you have to watch your diet following the extraction and you’ll feel a little soreness, but overall, the procedure is not hard and simple. It will be possible to come back to your normal activities the very next day and occasionally the same day as the extraction. It is important to be aware of your chewing and consider extra time to completely clean your teeth in order to avoid getting any food caught in the gaps, but teeth extractions shouldn’t cause you much stress and anxiety. After the extraction shortly, you can return to your orthodontic center to get started your treatment with braces. The braces shall close the gaps left out by your teeth, within four months to 1 year usually. By the end of your treatment, you will not have the ability to notice from the appearance of your mouth you had teeth extracted. It is important to go through all your options together with your orthodontic specialist and choose a treatment plan that both you as well as your doctor feel comfortable with.

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