Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog.

RichardMy passion for food started at a very early stage of my life. Being a Japanese-American, I have seen my mother cook Japanese food in different occasions. I completely fell in love with Japanese food. I started my career in culinary arts after graduating from college. In order to turn my passion into reality, I opened a small Japanese restaurant in Boston with the help of my mother. Besides serving the regular customers everyday, I have also hosted many occasions, like wedding parties and birthday parties.

I attended the professional sushi chef course at the California Sushi Academy. During my training, I have studied the arts of nigiri-zushi, sashimi, kaiseki and makimono. My instructors were renowned and experienced sushi masters. During my stay in California, I had worked as a volunteer in recreational sushi classes. I’ve catered sushi for high profile events as a volunteer also. I’ve closely observed the head sushi chef of different restaurants. After completing my training, I went back to Boston and expanded my restaurant. Soon, my restaurant became very famous in my local area. I wanted to do more. So, I started conducting sushi classes in a culinary school in Boston. Last year, I thought of writing down whatever I’ve learned from my years of experience with Japanese food so that people could learn from me. So, I came up with Ikkokuya. I’ve also started writing my first book on sushi.

This blog is about Japanese food, particularly sushi. The recipes mentioned in this blog are very simple, so that you can find all the ingredients easily to cook at home. Japanese food is now world famous and much of the credit goes to sushi. There are many Japanese restaurants now in the USA and I other parts of the world. In this blog, I can guide you on choosing a good Japanese restaurant, Japanese food menu, etc. In Boston, besides looking after my restaurant I also work as a sushi chef. So, whenever there is a sushi event in town, I get a call for making the event memorable, tasty and successful.
I hope you will enjoy reading my blog.