Audio Transcription from Sweden

I am 38 years old and live in a small town called Strangnas. It is 8 miles from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I live with my husband and my 8 year old son. Because of my serious illness that hit me when I was 20, I haven’t finished studying for my nursing assistant degree. I have had time to read on OMOM nursing guidelines. This disease that hit me will always remain in the body and I cannot handle any jobs with heavy lifting. The pain comes and goes and I get very sore. The disease is a vitamin B12 deficiency. I would check my world recently when told the doctor B12 deficiency is not common in younger people, but is common in middle-aged and older people. Thanks to my wonderful husband who helped me find a private doctor in 1998, and was able to diagnose me with the B12 deficiency. He thought it was weird that I would have it at such a young age. He also said that I if I had come to see him six months later the medicine would not have be able to help me.

Life returned to fairly normal in 2002 and I was feeling much better again. I found a new future in life. Then, in 2003 was our piece of gold, named Philip was born. Now I am on a strict regimen of diet and medicine which include pain management. I spend a lot of time educating myself on the disease and how to help manage it. I really enjoy learning about the human body and the science of medicine and the medical industry.

Because it is so difficult to find regular employment, I began looking for stay at home jobs. I started working a as a marketer on the Internet, but that is a hard job. Then I tried selling on eBay, but the money wasn’t enough to help support my family. Because I enjoy nursing, I thought audio transcription jobs would be a perfect job for me to do from home. My greatest wish is to take the course to be a certified audio transcriptionist and work from home on the computer. I hope to find online audio transcription employers. I’m afraid if my husband dies before me, I would not be able to support myself and son without a trade or profession.

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